references of ÖKO Co. Ltd.


Flood control, inland water regulation, landscape management, complex water management

Year 2015.


Title: Flood protection development program of Tisza-valley

Client: K+K Ltd.

Title: Construction of authoritative flood level dams. Reducing of dam's load at Felső-Tisza

Client: Víziterv Environ Ltd.

Title: Project preparation tasks in the framework of "Reconstruction of objects (KEOP-7.11.0/14-2015-0002)"

Client: VITUKI Hungary Ltd.


Year 2013.


Title: Revision of CBA prepared for Bereg flood-level reducing Reservoir

Client: National Water Authority


Year 2010.


Title: Improvement of water management and water quality of Ráckeve-Soroksár Danube section

Client: Central Directorate of Water end Environment


Year 2009.


Title: Flood level reducing reservoir at Bereg. CBA + EIA

Client: VIZITERV - Environ

Title: Long range development plan of Séd-Sárvíz mill-canal

Client: Environment and Water Directorate of Central Danube Valley


Year 2007.


Title: Preparation of Hungarian-Ucrainian complex flood-control - water management - floodplain revitalisation development plans for Bereg-Borzsa basin

Client: VIZITERV Environ Ltd.

Title: Complex rehabilitation of Túr water system: feasibility study for development preparation

Client: VIZITERV Environ Ltd.