references of ÖKO Co. Ltd.


Other - not EU - tender



Title: Tender evaluation of Swiss Contribution

Client: Swiss Contribution Office

Title: Participation in preparation of workshop on nature conservation tender of Swiss Contributiion and in elaboration of indicators of second turn

Client: Swiss Contribution Office

Title: Evaluation of nature conservation tenders

Client: Swiss Contribution Office




Title: Habitat protection and reconstruction at Héviz lake

Client: Hévíz thermal bath and Szent András rheumatism Hospital




Title: Feasibility study of KEOP 2.2.2. Application invited in the framework of Environment end Energy Operative Program of New Hungary Development Plan.

Client: Central Office for Environment and Water

Title: Feasibility study 2 of KEOP 2.2.2. Development of monitoring systems joining to the execution of Water-framework Directive

Client: Central Office for Environment and Water




Title: Hydrogeologic and transport modeling of Szekszárd shooting-range

Client: Ministry of Environment and Water


 Years 2004 - 2002


Wastewater Treatment Plant of North-Budapest. Project for advanced technology.

Client: Budapest Capital Mayor's Office

Environmental part for the construction permission of  the Szolnok plastic waste recycling plant + tender of LIFE program

Client: SELECT Hungária Ltd

IPPC tender in the cement industry.

Client: Project Management Ltd Dublin

IPC Gronmij Water &Waste Management, Hollandia

Client: ÁFÉSZ trust company Ltd.