references of ÖKO Co. Ltd.


Other water management tasks



Title: The future agricultural engineers of water management

Client: Observant Ltd




Title: Configuration of water infrastructure to support landscape management

Client: IBS Management Non-profit Company




Title: Long range development plan of Séd-Sárvíz mill-canal

Client: Environment and Water Directorate of Central Danube Valley




Title: Decision-making study for establishment of dam for Csongrád river.

Client: Hungarian Engineering Chamber nonprofit Ltd.




Title: Hydro geologic and transport modelling of Szekszárd shooting-range

Client: Ministry of Environment and Water




Title: Recommendations for financing the EU obliged wastewater sewerage investments in 2007-2013, including necessary modifications of Hungarian legal regulations.

Client: Hungarian Water Centre and Public Archives

Title: Balaton development plan

Client: Balaton Development Council


Years 2003 - 2001


Survey of wastewater treatment technologies used in Hungary


Documentation of the theoretical water right permission for the capacity expansion of the Paks Nuclear Power Station

Client: VITUKI Inc.

Possibility plan of the water basin of Kapos river.

Client: Middle-Transdanubian Water Authority

Characterisation of extraordinarity of floods.

Client: National Water Authority

Determination of the target state of water quality of the surface waters.

Client: Environmental development Institute