references of ÖKO Co. Ltd.


Other nature conservation tasks.


Year 2012.


Title: Biodiversity/Nature protection

Client: Swiss Agency for  Development and Cooperation


Year 2009.


Title: Habitat protection and reconstruction at Héviz lake

Client: Hévíz thermal bath and Szent András rheumatism Hospital

Title: Control activities of projects supported in KIOP framework

Client: OKEAN Engineering Consulting Ltd..


Year 2008.


Title: Environmental aspects of the competition "Central Europe Rally" planned in April 2008.

Client: First Sport manager Office Ltd.

Title: Complex program for conserving natural values and increasing flood safety

Client: INTERREG (Viziterv Environ Ltd.)

Title: Participation in preparation of 3D model of glass-works site.

Client: ETV-ERŐTERV Inc.


Year 2007.


Title: Fauna genesis of Carpatian basin

Client: National Research and Technology Office


Year 2006.


Title: Zoological values of Kárpát basin, central areas and genesis of its fauna

Client: Agency for Research Fund Management and Research Exploitation

Title: Expert cooperation at monitoring evaluation for KVVM FI KIOP Organization. Nature conservation investments, habitat reconstruction.

Client: Ministry of  Environment and Water

Title: Estimation and study preparation on rehabilitation and reconstruction of Hungarian backwaters, proposal for shaping legal  and economic condition system in the framework of Environment Protection Operative Program 2007-2013

Client: Ministry of  Environment and Water


Years 2003 - 2001


Recultivation of the tributaries and backwaters along the Ráckeve-Soroksár Danube section

Client: Municipality of Dömsöd settlement

Remediation of backwater of the Tisza between Tokaj and the south country border. Elaboration of plan and project portfolio.

Client: Office for Nature Conservation of Ministry of environment


Client: Ministry of Environment

Ecological characterisation of water quality protection plants constructed on streams meeting the Balaton

Client: VÍZ-INTER Ingenieur Department Ltd.

Nature conservation aspect of foundation of the land use structure changes of the polders by the help of the evaluation of 1999-2000 year air photos

Client: VITUKI Inc.